Bohning Cauldron Fletching Jig



The Cauldron Jig is a 3 vane advanced fletching system from Bohning.

  • It provides the right amount of pressure for excellent adhesion.
  • The snap-in inserts are easy to change and don’t require tools.
  • The Cauldron pressure ring is adjustable with a single twist to accommodate micro, standard, and large arrow diameters.
  • Cleaning is easy: the inserts can be soaked in acetone for an hour to remove instant glue residue.
  • The Complete Cauldron includes inserts for Straight (gray), 3° right helical (black), 3° left helical (purple), 1° right offset (red), and 1° left offset (orange).
  • Dit is de complete set met 5  inserts
  • Deze verenplakker is niet geschikt voor natuurveren.
  • Bekijk de instructie video op ons youtube kanaal.


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